We provide effective solutions to the Small Businesses to large Corporates, in the areas of Financial, Accounting & Audit & Taxation Services; Projects Financing (Debt & Equity), Corporate Law, Taxation & Transfer Pricing, etc thus covering the spectrum of services ranging from Company Incorporation to Advisory to strengthen and sustain the present and growing needs of businesses, Mergers & Acquisitions, Due Diligence and more.

1. Financial Services:

We render Financial Services to the clients in the areas of: Financial Structuring, Projects Financing, Projects Study and Reporting, Projects Evaluations and Funding – both Debt & Equity, Corporate Advisory Services in Merchant Banking, Private Placements, Mergers & Acquisitions, Due diligence & Valuations, Tie-up with FIIs, OCBs/NRIs, Mutual Funds, Financial Institutions, Listing with Stock Exchanges, SEBI, FEMA related services. 


2. Accounting Services:

We render Accounting Services to the clients in the areas of setting up of system of accounting that is customized to best suit the organization and also conducts customized training of the personnel according to the needs of the clients.
We also maintain & update the accounting transactions, preparing the various accounting reports like, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Reports, Cash Flow Statements, Bank Reconciliation Statements, AR Ageing Reports, Collections Reports, Invoicing Reports, etc including MIS Systems and Services.
Accounting through remote login, Migration of Accounts for foreign clients and maintain accounts on accounting software in ERP like Oracle Financials, Great Plains, QuickBooks, Tally, etc. We provide Education & Training in ERP Accounting, Systems implementation and Customization.


3. Company Law Services:

We render the following advisory and compliance related services for small & medium closely held companies to large widely-held companies:
• Incorporation of Companies.
• Conversion of Companies from Private Limited to Public Limited and vice-versa.
• Change of Name and Objects clause
• Preparation and Filing of Statutory Returns – Annual Returns, Audited Financial Statements of Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss Account, Returns for Increase of Authorized Capital, Return of Allotment, Return for Amendment of Memorandum & Articles of Association, Return of appointment of Directors, Creation of Charges, etc
• Maintenance of Statutory Books including Minutes Books and Registers.
• Filing of Petitions and Appearance before Company Law Board.


4. Goods & Service Tax (GST):

We provide the following services to businesses, for the GST compliances:
1. Migration to GST
2. GST Registration
3. Returns Filing
4. Audit under GST

Accounting under GST :

GST is not only a Tax Reform, but brings positive business transformation, by making sure the multiplicity of the taxes paid at different levels are duly accounted and the Tax Credits are availed, thereby reducing the cascading tax costs.

GST will also affect the Financial Accounting function, if not complied with effectively. Business Owners will have to take up advise from Accounting Experts for overhauling Accounting Systems. We render the GST Accounting services in following areas:

1. Updation of Accounting Heads and Groupings:

2. Accounting for GST Credit in Balance sheet

3. Accounting for Transitional Provisions

4. Presentation of GST with Sales in P and L A/c or in BS

These changes in Accounting need careful planning and implementation, at different point of time. The Cash flows, would get impacted, if the positive benefits of GST compliance are not followed. Supplier Chain Management is also one area to take advantage of GST benefits.

We render the support services for GST compliances and avail the due credits on business inputs and resolution / reconciliation so that you get the business advantages in GST.


5. Corporate & Financial Advisory:

Raising of Resources: We help the clients in raising of resources through Financial Institutions, Banks, etc. We assist in preparation of Information Memorandum and making presentations to the lenders and supporting the client until the completion of the transaction.

Restructuring, Merger and Amalgamation: We render advisory services for Restructuring, Merger and Amalgamation. We help preparing restructuring plans, help in mergers & acquisitions.

Valuation Services: We offer comprehensive equity and business valuation services using sophisticated financial models to assist clients in carrying out M&A Activities, PE Syndication, Divestments, Spin-offs, Financial Restructuring etc for regulatory and other financial purposes. The valuation is carried out on the basis of recognized accounting standards (Discounted Cash Flow Methods) and are backed by strong assumptions after understanding the business of the client and exercising sound judgment taking into consideration various qualitative factors like Market Position of the client, Competition in the Industry, Technology being used by the Client, Brand value of the Client etc.

Due Diligence Services: We analyze businesses – on a legal, financial and secretarial basis to ensure that all the policies and procedures followed by the target concern are in accordance with the Rules and Regulations. We then generate a Due Diligence report for its clients. The due diligence process is carried out in relation to Private Placements, Issuance of Securities, Drafting of Prospectus, Offer Letter and other documents. These reports give the client a realistic analysis of the market that the client intends to enter / acquire and helps them in decision-making.


6. Audits and Advisory Services:

Statutory Audits: We render services in conducting Statutory Audits of several Public and Private Corporate clients, which are required to be conducted under the provision of the Companies Act, 2013 and other statutes
Internal Audits: We render services in conducting Internal Audits, with the object of bringing in efficiency in the functioning of an enterprise as-well-as in reducing costs. The processes are reviewed and the internal control systems are strengthened.
Bank Audits, Concurrent Audits, Stock Audits, Income Leakage Audits: We render services in conducting of Statutory Bank Branch Audits, Concurrent Audits, Stock Audits, Third Party Audits, Income Leakage Audits, etc. for many Nationalized and Private Sector Banks.
Tax Audits: We render services in conducting Tax Audits as prescribed under the provisions of The Income Tax Act, 1961.
Comptroller & Auditors General Audits (CAG): We render services in conducting Statutory & Tax Audits for various Government organizations.
Special / Investigative Audits: We render services in conducting Concurrent Audits of Clients on behalf of Nationalised Banks for monitoring their performance.


7. Taxation & Transfer Pricing Services:

We render Taxation & Transfer Pricing Services to the clients in the areas of: E-Tax filing and e- Returns – for Corporate and Individual Clients; Excise Duty, VAT, Service Tax, TDS, Payroll Taxes, NSDL Services, Taxation for NRIs and OCBs, Transfer Pricing; Double Taxation Reliefs and Tax Planning, Tax Audits and Tax Compliances.More

Doing Business in India:

We help foreign entities on the entire process of setting up a business in India – from the pre-investment stage to the business operations stage. After analyzing the business needs of the client from the Indian market, we advise on what the best entry strategy would be: Liaison Office (also known as: Representative Office) or Branch Office or Project Office or Wholly Owned Subsidiary or through a Joint Venture Partner. We guide the clients about the legal and tax implications for taking a strategic decision.
We also provide specialized services in the following areas to foreign entities:
• Setting up manufacturing business on turnkey basis
• Getting the necessary approvals, clearances, from local & statutory authorities
• Preparation of Business Plan
• Assistance in Entity formation process, including Applications, Registrations, Incorporation etc
• Obtaining approvals of Governmental bodies relating to FEMA & FDI
• Procurement of Human Resources and compliance with Labour Laws
• Real Estate procurement assistance – Locational Assistance to finalization of Agreements